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UBM Student Application

Universitas Bunda Mulia

Mobile Application for iOS & Android

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Bunda Mulia University envisions creating an advanced application to transform how students engage with their academic information. This innovative platform seamlessly integrates attendance records and grades, offering easy access and efficient management. It empowers students to monitor their progress and attendance, enhancing their active involvement in their educational journey. This initiative reflects the university's dedication to using technology for an enriched learning experience.

Solution embarked on a project to develop a new collaboration mobile application tailored for college students. This innovative solution sought to centralize crucial student information within a convenient mobile platform. Notably, all pertinent data, encompassing attendance records and academic grades, are seamlessly accessible through this application, providing students with a comprehensive overview of their academic progress.

The process began with a meticulous focus on user interface design. was committed to crafting an intuitive, user-friendly application that would resonate with the college student demographic. Through a systematic approach, they not only conceptualized the apps design but also created a functional prototype. This prototype was then presented to potential users, garnering valuable feedback to refine and select the most optimal design direction. This collaborative effort ensured that the final product would meet the specific needs and preferences of its target audience.


Efficient Access to Student Data

The UBM Student College application provides seamless access to all student-related information, including attendance records and academic grades.

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Streamlined Collaboration

The application facilitates smoother collaboration among students, fostering a more connected and engaged academic community.

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Improved Academic Performance Tracking

Students can now easily monitor their academic progress, empowering them to take proactive steps towards achieving their educational goals.

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Centralized Student Information

The application serves as a centralized hub for student-related data, providing a comprehensive overview of their academic journey.

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Increased Student Engagement

With a mobile application tailored to their needs, students are likely to be more actively involved in their educational experience.

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Efficient Administrative Processes

The application streamlines administrative tasks related to attendance and grade management, reducing manual workload.

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Tech-Enabled Educational Institution

The UBM Student College application positions the institution as tech-savvy, demonstrating a commitment to leveraging technology for educational excellence.

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