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Our Principal Product

For more than 15 years, has been dedicated to prioritizing client requests aligned with company needs, while consistently delivering our cutting-edge principal product, which is a comprehensive software solution designed to streamline and optimize project management processes across various industries.

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This product has earned acclaim for its user-friendly interface and powerful features, making it a go-to choice for businesses seeking efficient project management solutions.


Business Sectors


Product Solution


Document Management System


Helps streamline workflows

It allows businesses to manage their documents in a structured and secure manner.


Reduce paper usage

Can  improve document handling and accessibility.


Enhance collaboration

It's a valuable tool for businesses to efficiency in their operations.

A Document Management System (DMS) is a digital platform designed to efficiently organize, store, retrieve, and track electronic documents and files. 


Ensure compliance with document retention policies

Providing version control, access permissions, and search capabilities.

Enterprise Customer Communication Management


Enterprise Customer communication management ensures consistent, personalized messaging across all channels, enhancing engagement and ultimately improving customer experience.

"With solutions like Engage One from Pitney Bowes Group 1, businesses can efficiently manage their communication processes to drive growth and profitability."

Our Clients

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120 reviews


EXUS Collection & Recovery

EXUS Financial Suite (EFS) is a comprehensive suite of software applications that efficiently manages credit risk throughout the entire account lifecycle, from disbursement to debt resolution, also support for multiple languages, currencies, and legal entities.  Additionally, EFS encompasses EXUS Legal Recoveries for post-collection litigation, Collections Analytics for advanced reporting, Collection Self Service to empower debtors, and an Early Warning System to proactively manage credit risk and prevent financial issues. This comprehensive suite equips financial institutions with the tools they need to navigate the complex landscape of credit management and collections effectively.

Campaign Manager
Vendor Management
Workflow Manager

For flexible business processes

For collections and recovery strategies

For optimizing outsourcing

Automated Communication

Through various channels

Document Management
User/ Roles Management

For storing and retrieving critical documents

For secure access control


Commercial Products

For business


Product Services

Customer Relationship Management

Data, Analytics & AI

Cyber Security

Cloud Services

Automation and Artificial Intelligence

For business


GRC Solution

ERM (Enterprise Risk Management)

ESG (Environment Safety Governance)

Internal Audit

Operational Resilience

Operational Risk

For business


Banking Verification


Risk AI

Merchant AI


Partner / User Verification

KYC Verification

Background Verification

Customer Verification

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