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Klaim is the ultimate solution for effortlessly streamlining your company’s claims management. With the Klaim application, you have limitless customization ranging from claim policy configurations to group balance limit settings.

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Submitting claims through mobile apps on Android and iOS, via WhatsApp, and utilizing scanning features has streamlined and expedited the claims process, providing users with a convenient and efficient way to report and resolve issues.

This user-friendly platform empowers you to tailor every aspect of your claims management process to precisely fit your organization’s unique needs. Whether it’s fine-tuning policy parameters or establishing group-specific balance limits, Klaim provides a seamless and intuitive experience, ensuring that your claims workflow operates with maximum efficiency and effectiveness.



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Check Reimbursement Status
Klaim with Scan
Klaim via Mobile Apps

Streamline your reimbursement submissions effortlessly through our user-friendly mobile app

Check your reimbursement status conveniently through our Mobile app or WhatsApp for quick and easy updates

Easily scanning reimbursement receipts or invoices directly through the mobile app

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Automatic Disbursement

Streamlines the reimbursement process by swiftly and efficiently transferring funds to recipients without manual intervention

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Employee Absence
Leave Application Request

Daily absence with clock-in/ clock-out and two step verification with user selfie

Flexibel leave request for employee and approved by supervisor or human resources

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