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Loyalti Platform

Ponta Indonesia

Mobile Application for iOS & Android

Our client is a company that offers Coalition Loyalty Marketing Program, known as PONTA, redefining the landscape of customer engagement. This innovative company specializes in crafting bespoke membership programs seamlessly integrated into the operations of diverse merchants. Recognizing CODE.ID's expertise, they commissioned us to spearhead the development of a sophisticated mobile application, tailored for Android to empower their partners and iOS for the seamless experience of their valued members. 


CODE.ID showcased its expertise by crafting the robust Ponta Partner mobile application for Android, a dynamic solution encompassing not only a user-friendly interface but also a powerful back-end system and an intuitive admin panel web. This comprehensive approach ensures seamless collaboration between partners and establishes a solid foundation for efficient program management.

In parallel, our dedicated team extended its capabilities to the iOS platform, introducing the Ponta Member application. Tailored to meet the unique needs of iOS users, this application enriches the member experience, providing a sleek and intuitive interface that aligns seamlessly with the brand’s commitment to excellence in loyalty marketing.


Comprehensive Partner List

Effortlessly manage and showcase a diverse array of partners through a user-friendly interface, enhancing the accessibility of loyalty program details.

Engaging Lucky Wheel Feature

Elevate member interaction with the innovative lucky wheel, providing an entertaining and rewarding way for users to participate in loyalty initiatives.

Efficient Member Point Tracking

Simplify the tracking of member points, empowering clients with real-time insights into user engagement and loyalty program performance.

Seamless Check-in Store Functionality

Facilitate hassle-free check-ins at partner stores, promoting a smooth and integrated experience for both clients and program members.

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