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Claim Management System

PT M Cash Integrasi (M-Cash)


M-cash is on a mission to revolutionize the reimbursement process within their organization, aiming for swifter and more seamless automation. Their vision is to make the entire procedure not only faster but also incredibly user-friendly, ensuring that employees can effortlessly navigate through the reimbursement process with ease and efficiency.


In a bold and innovative move, CODE.ID has embarked on the implementation of a cutting-edge Klaim Application for client, raising the bar with standout features. This application boasts straightforward claim management, seamlessly claims with iOS and Android mobile application, and even facilitating claims through WhatsApp. The features of this solution are its automatic disbursement capabilities, making the entire process not only expedient but also remarkably efficient. With this robust application, the client gains the flexibility to customize claim policies and establish individual claim balance limits for their employees, ushering in a new era of streamlined and tailored claims management.
The implementation of this Klaim Application represents a significant step forward in optimizing the client's operations, promising greater efficiency and convenience in the realm of claims management. With its impressive features and adaptability, this application ensures that the client can effortlessly adapt to the evolving landscape of employee claims, setting a new standard for efficiency and customization in the industry.


Simplified Claim Management

The application streamlines the process of managing claims, making it more straightforward and efficient for both employees and administrators.

Improved Efficiency and Accuracy

Automation and streamlined processes lead to increased efficiency and accuracy in claims processing, reducing the likelihood of errors.

Automatic Disbursement

The application's automatic disbursement feature accelerates the reimbursement process, ensuring that employees receive their claims in a timely manner.

Enhanced User Experience

The user-friendly interface and intuitive design of the application contribute to an improved overall experience for both employees and administrators.

Greater Transparency

The application provides transparency in the claims process, allowing both employees and administrators to track the status of claims in real-time.

Cost Savings

The automation and efficiency gained from the application implementation can lead to cost savings for the client, as manual processes are reduced.

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