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Project, Requirement, and Test Management

Jakarta Light Rapid Transportation (LRT) project

Principal Product

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Our client is one of the largest providers and contractors for telecommunication equipment for the Jakarta Light Rapid Transportation (LRT) project. Recognizing the imperative need to enhance project efficiency, productivity, and overall quality, they have entrusted CODE.ID with the pivotal task of implementing JIRA. This strategic move will not only cover critical aspects like Project, Requirement, Test, and Change Management but also symbolize a transformative journey towards elevating the very essence of project management in this grand undertaking. By integrating JIRA, our client is poised to harness a dynamic system that empowers them with comprehensive control over project lifecycles.

Solution has equipped our client with a comprehensive solution, delivering both software and a Project Management Information System (PMIS) license through Atlassian's JIRA and Confluence platforms. This integration encompasses all critical facets of project management, providing a robust framework for efficient operations. Additionally, our services extend beyond the software provision, offering a holistic implementation package. This encompasses a range of essential activities, from meticulous requirement analysis and program design development to system architecture design, software development, thorough penetration testing, System Integration Test (SIT), and concluding with rigorous User Acceptance Test (UAT) protocols.

This comprehensive suite of services reflects's commitment to delivering not only cutting-edge software solutions but also ensuring their seamless integration and functionality within the client's existing framework. By offering a complete package that spans from inception to testing, we strive to guarantee that the implemented PMIS is tailor-made to the client's specific needs, ultimately culminating in a robust and efficient project management system.

The process began with a meticulous focus on user interface design. was committed to crafting an intuitive, user-friendly application that would resonate with the college student demographic. Through a systematic approach, they not only conceptualized the apps design but also created a functional prototype. This prototype was then presented to potential users, garnering valuable feedback to refine and select the most optimal design direction. This collaborative effort ensured that the final product would meet the specific needs and preferences of its target audience.


Comprehensive Support

JIRA provides extensive support throughout every stage of the software development process.

Enhanced Quality Assurance

The use of JIRA leads to a more streamlined and efficient software development cycle, ultimately resulting in the release of higher-quality software.

Improved Efficiency

By leveraging JIRA, the company experiences increased efficiency in the software development process, allowing for smoother progress from development to release.

Effective Collaboration

JIRA fosters a collaborative environment, facilitating seamless communication and cooperation among team members involved in the development process.

Enhanced Project Visibility

The platform offers improved visibility into project progress, ensuring that all team members are aligned and aware of the current status of the software development lifecycle.

Reduced Development Time

JIRA's features and capabilities enable the company to expedite the development process, leading to quicker releases of software products.

Increased Customer Satisfaction

With higher-quality software releases, customers are likely to experience fewer issues, leading to increased satisfaction and trust in the company's products.

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