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Unifed GEMS Platform and Satellite Application Solution

Golden Energy Mines (Sinarmas Mining Group)

Website/ CMS/ Big Data/ Dashboard

Golden Energy Mines has embarked on a digital transformation journey through Digital and Technology Solutions division (DigiTech). This strategic initiative is focused on the comprehensive digitization, integration, and monitoring of various tasks and reporting mechanisms. The primary goal is to streamline operations by overseeing all facets of the company, from personnel management to on-field processes. Through the implementation of digital solutions, Golden Energy Mines aims to enhance efficiency, data-driven decision-making, and overall operational excellence across the organization.


The project focuses on building the super-apps platform (U-GEMS), incorporating artificial intelligence, including machine learning and deep learning. This empowers intelligent data-driven outcomes. The platform encompasses sub-projects, providing cloud-based infrastructure through a container and DevOps approach.

It also offers web-based solutions for supporting applications and implements data mining and visualization using Hadoop. Open-source tools are predominantly used for web and data-based solutions. Additionally, real-time, semi-real-time, and periodic data updates are sourced directly from third-party partners affiliated with Golden Energy Mines for comprehensive data solutions.


Employee Data Monitoring

Monitor employee data, including attendance, health status, and emergency response, with the ability to track their last known location through GPS integration via smartwatches and the Smart Present app.

Emergency Broadcasts

Send out broadcast messages through the application in case of a disaster within the workplace, with predefined mapped areas, and request assistance (SoS) through the app.

Curated News Alerts

Receive curated news updates from various sources, automatically integrated and delivered via email notifications to subscribed employees, and also displayed in the company portal.

Easily Create Customized Reports & Dashboards

Effortlessly generate reports and dashboards tailored to your preferences.

Employee Medical
Records Monitoring

Monitor employees’ medical records while they are employed at the company.

Budgeting and Actualization

Create and manage budgets through the company’s internal application.

Digital Contracting

Generate contracts digitally through the company’s internal application.

Internal Communication Tools

Utilize the internal application for online meetings, discussions, chats, and social media interactions.

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