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Fixed Asset Management

Bunda Hospital


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Our client, a prestigious and one of the largest hospitals in Jakarta, Indonesia, has reached out to us with a compelling request for a comprehensive Fixed Asset Management solution. This system is designed to seamlessly oversee the entire lifecycle of assets, from initial registration to eventual disposal, ensuring meticulous tracking and management. Additionally, the solution will incorporate an efficient barcode labeling system, enabling swift and accurate asset identification, further enhancing operational efficiency within the hospital's dynamic environment.


CODE.ID provided the client with two powerful Activo modules, each tailored to enhance their asset management process. The Core Module encompasses crucial functionalities such as asset registration, seamless transfer, robust reporting, and a dedicated barcode module for swift asset identification. Additionally, the Notification Module boasts advanced scheduling capabilities, enabling the automated dissemination of routine report data specific to each branch. This integration not only streamlines operations but also ensures that all assets are meticulously tracked and managed, optimizing efficiency across the board.

Furthermore, CODE.ID went the extra mile by assisting the client in implementing QR code labels for their fixed assets. This practical addition ensures that assets can be easily identified and tracked using modern, technology-driven solutions. By leveraging QR codes, the client gains a powerful tool to enhance the accuracy and efficiency of their fixed asset management, ultimately leading to more seamless operations within their organization.

The implementation of this Klaim Application represents a significant step forward in optimizing the client's operations, promising greater efficiency and convenience in the realm of claims management. With its impressive features and adaptability, this application ensures that the client can effortlessly adapt to the evolving landscape of employee claims, setting a new standard for efficiency and customization in the industry.


Efficient Asset Management

Activo enables the company to efficiently manage a wide range of assets with a user-friendly and intuitive system.

Swift Asset Tracking

The system facilitates quick and accurate tracking of assets, ensuring that their location and status can be readily identified.

Simplified System

Activo provides a straightforward and easy-to-use platform, streamlining the process of managing and tracking assets.

Improved Accuracy

With Activo, the company experiences enhanced accuracy in asset management, reducing the likelihood of errors or discrepancies.

Enhanced Visibility

The system offers increased visibility into the company's asset inventory, providing valuable insights for decision-making and resource allocation.

Time Efficiency

Activo allows for efficient asset management, saving time and resources that can be allocated to other critical business operations.

Comprehensive Reporting

The system offers robust reporting capabilities, providing detailed insights into asset usage, depreciation, and overall lifecycle.

Reduced Risk of Loss or Misplacement

By using Activo for asset tracking, the company minimizes the risk of assets being lost or misplaced, ensuring their optimal utilization.

Streamlined Auditing Process

Activo simplifies the auditing process by providing a clear record of all assets, making it easier to track and verify their status.

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