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Online Transaction Website

PT Asuransi Jasa Indonesia

Website/ CMS/ Mobile Application 

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Our Client want to establish an innovative online platform that facilitates the seamless sale of a wide range of insurance products, encompassing coverage for automobiles, accidents, travel, and fire incidents. This initiative aims to enhance accessibility and convenience for customers, providing them with a user-friendly digital space to efficiently procure essential insurance coverage. 


The solution we offer encompasses a transformational approach towards customer experience. Through this website, customers have the seamless capability to both purchase insurance and conveniently make payments via a secure payment gateway. Following a successful transaction, insurance policies are promptly delivered to the customer’s inbox, ensuring immediate access and peace of mind.  

Moreover, our dedicated team has invested extensive effort in crafting an intuitive and visually engaging User Interface (UI), optimizing the overall User Experience (UX). This meticulous process involved the design and implementation of a highly intuitive application interface, alongside the strategic definition of feature placement and a user-centric UX flow.  


Diversified Product Offering

The website now serves as a channel to sell various insurance products, including those for cars, accidents, travel, and fire. This diversification broadens the scope of services provided to customers.

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Streamlined Sales Data Management

Through the website, all sales data and insurance validation processes have been consolidated and streamlined, enhancing operational efficiency and data accuracy.

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Enhanced Customer

A new customer experience has been introduced, allowing users to easily purchase insurance and make payments through a secure payment gateway. This convenience significantly improves the overall customer journey.

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Instant Polis Insurance Delivery

Polis insurance are now swiftly delivered to customers via email, offering immediate access and reducing paperwork, thereby increasing customer satisfaction.

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Improved UI/UX Design

The website development has introduced a fresh and user-friendly User Interface (UI) and User Experience (UX) design. This design overhaul enhances the aesthetics and usability of the application.

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Strategic Feature Placement

Through defined feature positioning and UX considerations, the website now offers a highly intuitive and feature-rich environment. This, in turn, enhances user engagement and ensures that customers can easily access the services they require.

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