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Recovery Activity Tracking System

Adira Finance

Mobile Application/ Android/ Website

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Adira Finance is embarking on an exciting venture to develop a cutting-edge mobile application dedicated to tracking vehicles facing payment arrears. Alongside this, they’re implementing an advanced system to seamlessly defined logic for matching workers with employees. This initiative aims to enhance operational efficiency and streamline processes for Adira Finance, ultimately leading to improved service delivery and customer satisfaction.


The solution for this project encompasses building a robust Android-based mobile application, seamlessly integrated with the core system to enhance overall performance. Additionally, a user-friendly dashboard and comprehensive data reports have been meticulously designed to bolster user recovery efforts.

This initiative not only includes the creation of a mobile application for tracking delinquent vehicle payments, but also the implementation of a refined algorithm for effectively matching workers with specific job assignments. The UI/UX design has been thoughtfully crafted, ensuring an intuitive and engaging user experience, further complemented by strategic feature placement.


Enhanced Productivity for External Recovery Partners

RATS stands out as an exceptionally effective and efficient application that significantly boosts the productivity of external recovery partners.

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Intuitive User Interface

The application boasts a user-friendly menu interface, ensuring seamless navigation and ease of use for all users.

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Swift and Accurate Information Response

RATS provides quick and precise information responses, particularly crucial in swiftly identifying the status of units involved in the recovery process.

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Automated Unit Status Updates

One of RATS standout features is its automatic updating of unit statuses, minimizing manual intervention and ensuring real-time accuracy.

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Robust Communication Features

The application offers a comprehensive range of communication features, allowing seamless interactions between users of the application. This fosters effective collaboration and information sharing.

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